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-a Buffy RPG Comm

Slayerverse Buffy RPG
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all associated characters are the prorerty of Mutant Enemy, Fox, the WB, and UPN. All rights are reserved.



Slayerverse is a Buffy roleplaying community that is set after season 7 in a the small Californian town of Dana Point which is just south of LA. In Dana's point, a new Hellmouth has formed and thus the forces of evil are being attracted as well as the Slayers and those who oppose those dire forces.

This is a new world where the slayers number in the hundreds and a new Watcher's council is being built in Los Angeles to train these girls as well as the new watchers in the never ending war against evil. Dana Point is the training ground and the current struggle between good and evil.

The Community Moderators

tara_wiccagrrl and longersleeves


The Slayers

Buffy Summers played by bronzed_slayer or superhero_grrl
Faith played by slayergal_faith
Kennedy played by kennedydykegrrl
Brielle played by brielle_k
Tia Quinn played by tia_quinn
Vi played by l2ainbowcolored
Aladriana played by aladriana
Shadow played by shadow_razor
Logan Parks played by logan_parks
Rona (Open)

The Watchers

Rupert Giles (Open)
Willow Rosenburg played by witchynetgirl
Andrew Wells played by the_other_guy
Dawn Summers played by watcher_jr
Spike played by buggered_bint
Caspar played by caspar_v
Robin Wood (Open)

The Scoobies

Xander Harris played by _xander_
Pike played by rebel_pike
Cordelia Chase played by closet_queen
Tara Maclay played by tara_wiccagrrl
Amy Madison (open)
Pollywog played by pollywoggins


Wolfram & Hart

Lilah played by lilah_00
Angel played by noble_angel
Gunn played by call_me_gunn
Fred (Open)
Wesley (Open)
Lorne (Open)