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Well since Spike is newly humanhe's never been to amusement park before. And that is just wrong.

First we went on Space Mountain since it's better to go on the popular rides first. I think he felt a little sick so we went on "It's a small world" haha... I don't think he liked that ride too much. He said that if that song got stuck in his head then he would sleep at his place for a week. But then I reminded him that that would be punishing HIM too.

Spike: well..i guess..damn..well..i'll think of some other punishment that's mean to you and not me *looks around at the scarry puppets*
Me: *takes his hand and laughs* It'll be ok. *they go into another room with dutch and netherland puppets singing the song*
Spike: my..god..*looks over at cordy* how long is this ride?
Me: Um... there's lots of places you have to see. *innocnet face*
Spike: *looks at her innocent face thing she's doing..runs hands through hair* i could really use a cigarette about now *looks around once again*
Spike: *hands through His hair*
Me: No smoking. You could get lung cancer. *goes into room with people from asian
Spike: I could die just having to hear this song with all these puppets right now. Just how many bleeding countries are there?
Me: WEll there are 5 continents. *now in south america tropical stuff*
Spike: we can start from lemme reply to that
Me: ok
Spike: well..i guess..damn..well..i'll think of some other punishment that's mean to you and not me *looks around at the scarry puppets*
Me: *takes his hand and laughs* It'll be ok. *they go into another room with dutch and netherland puppets singing the song*
Spike: my..god..*looks over at cordy* how long is this ride?
Me: Um... there's lots of places you have to see. *innocnet face*
Spike: *looks at her innocent face thing she's doing..runs hands through hair* i could really use a cigarette about now *looks around once again*
Me: No smoking. You could get lung cancer. *goes into room with people from asian countries*
Spike: I could die just having to hear this song with all these puppets right now. Just how many bleeding countries are there?
Me: WEll there are 5 continents. *now in south america tropical stuff*
Spike: GUess it's better to get the ride out of the way
Me: *laughs* yeah. Look *in room that wraps it all up and has puppets from all the continents* Allmost done!
Spike: yay for us. Maybe when the rides done my headache will go away. *lays head on her shoulder until ride ends and they get out of the little boat thing*
Me: *rubs his head a little while it was on her shoulder* sorry*they get off and she looks at map* Hm... where to next?
Spike: *looks at map* ooh *points at a location* Pirates of the Carribean..that looks interesting *takes her hand* lets go.
Me: Ok! *walks with him and into the line* You know, it's actuallyt another dark ride.
Spike: *standing in the line he pulls her close again* Really dark? *wiggles eyebrows*
Me: *smiles* Well it's pretty dark. on some parts.
Spike: *the line moves a little slow but eventually they get to the part where you get on the boat* oh look..another boat *helps cordy in and then gets in himself*
Me: *sits down* well it's called PIRATES of the Carribean
Spike: Pirates...sounds more manly than soddin..small world
Me: Yeah. there's more singing on the ride. But they are drunk though.
Me: *ride starts*
Spike: *they get to the part with the two drop things...they both do a little of the good ole fashioned screaming for the fun of it then they get to the slow part with the floating through the ride..Spike nods his head along with the music* i like this ride
Me: *Smiles* Good! I don't want this day to be a total bust
Spike: *doesn't like to sound corny but..*any day with you can't be a bust *smiles* don't laugh at all my manness depends on it
Me: *smiles* no I like it *kisses him*
Spike: wonderful. *looks around* now these are the puppets someone can really enjoy *puts arm around cordy and enjoys the wonderful ride that is pirates of the carribean*
Me: *scoots up close to him* They look more lifelike.
Spike: and have a juanty tune *smiles*
Me: *laughs* Yeah the song is better too. *gets to the part where the ship shoots off cannonball sounds and she jumps a little*
Spike: *holds back a laugh and just pulls her closer when she settles down* scared by loud noises, love?
Me: WEll that was really loud!
Spike: *nods* it was. Of..course *coughs to cover laugh*
Me: *laughs and rolls eyes* Aw it's almost over!
Spike: we'll definately have to come back to this ride 'fore we go *ride ends and they get off hte boat and back out into the park...they see Mickey Mouse walking around*
Me: *smiles* Look! It's Mickey
Spike: as in mouse? *sees Mickey waving away* we go *rolls eyes*
Me: *mickey walks up to them and making gestures and motions to make it look like he is talking and gives cordy a hug and she laughs. then he puts outhis arms so spike will give him a hug*
Spike: *looks skeptic until Cordy pushes spike into mickey arms...Mickey hugs really tightly* Are you gonna do this until i can't breathe anymore mate?
Me: *laughs hard*
Me: *mickey lets go still making all those gestures and motions*
Spike: *looks over at cordy and back at mickey* you have very big hands. It's kind of scary. *nods*
Me: *laughs so hard she is almost crying* It's the golves right?
Me: *gloves
Spike: you know..i think it is. *smiles and puts an arm around cordy as mickey walks off to a group of little kids..spke makes a face* Now he's going to torment those little kids? And parents just..let that happen?
Me: kids like mickey. he is cute and is in cartoons.
Me: Plus he is like the icon of disney
Spike: and they dont find being smuthered by the thing as traumatizing? HE could like..end up killing someone
Me: Usually his hugs arent' that big. I think he likes you Spike *laughs*
Me: It's probably some college student girl inside that suit *rolls eyes*
Spike: oh...then lets go give it another hug then *laughing he starts to walk in that direction only to be pulled back by cordy* only joking of course
Me: *smiles and raises an eyebrow* Yeah you better.
Spike: always. *takes out map* this mad a horn one looks good *points at map*
Me: Oh yeah! We should go there
Spike: *walks in that direction*
Me: *gets in line* you'll like this ride better
Spike: *sees the rollar coasters going in and out of the cave thing* oo...a fast ride..i like these. YOu can pick the next one *nods* dotn' wanna hog all the fun of ride picking
Me: *smiles* ok! but these rides have been good. *looks around* more people are starting to come. I'm glad we got here earlier
Spike: yeah. *looks at everyone* wow..a lot of people come here
Me: Just wait until like an hour or two. it'll be packed! *they get closer to the ride*
Spike: then we shoudl get some food then
Me: Yeah we should. we'll get some after this one. *they get to the beggining of th eline and go and get in their seats and she smiles as it begins to start* here we go.
Spike: *since this ride has the people sit infront of other people Cordy is sittting in front of Spike. He puts his hands on her shoulders as the ride goes..does the fun screaming thing*
Me: *screams a lot too and when it's over she gets all unstarpped and everything and wiats for him to get unstrapped* That was fun!
Spike: yeah it was. *takes her hand* what do you want for lunch?
Me: Hm... we could just go to one of the restaurants. *leads the way to one of them*
Spike: *follows along* is the food here expensive? Cuz rent is pretty high..and i don't get paid *that* much..
Me: Um.. *bites lip and smiles* Kinda...
Spike: well..we'll share a drink or something...
Me: *nods and shrugs alittle* Ok that's fine
Me: *gets to the restaurant thing* So what do you want?

Then we got our food.

Me: *starts eating* Ugh they know that there is not many places to go so they over price. *takes another bite
Spike: *also eats* yeah. new lesson. Eat before you go here. *takes a drink* save money *nods and eats some more*
Me: I know! We should do that from now on. *eats some more and takes a drink*Me: *finishes up eating*
Spike: yep *takes a drink and then gets up* okay..bathroom time *runs off..returns after about a minute*
Me: *gets up and gets her purse* ready for more rides? *smiles*
Spike: sounds good. Gotta find something with nolines
Me: Yeah maybe more people will still be at lunch *takes out map again* Hm... I wonder if Splash mountain would have a long line
Spike: splash? we gettin wet on this ride?
Me: Yeah *laughs* I'm glad I'mnot wering a white shirt
Spike: well..maybe next time *smiles*
Me: *laughs and playfully hits him* But then everyone else would see me in a wet white shirt
Spike: don't worry...i would give you my overshirt
Me: *laughs* Oh ok well that's much better than. *walks with him to the line*
Spike: so we get to walk around for the rest of the day all wet then?
Me: Well its suny so we should dry off. We could wait if you want.
Spike: no..this ride looks good and line isn't that long
Me: Ok! *moves up closer to the beggining* It is a good ride
Spike: we gonna be in another boat?
Me: Yeah
Me: Different kind of boat though
Spike: after this. No. More. Boats.
Me: *laughs* ok.
Me: *moves up again* We cna stand on the bridge too. eveyrone goes and stands on the bridge.
Me: and watch the ride come down
Me: and then get wet all voer again
Spike: so...they go on the ride...get wet..get off the ride..get dry...stand over the ride and get wet again?
Me: you don't get dry that fast
Spike: oh..i see *they get in the boat* this'll be great we can walk around all day adn be all wet
Me: Like I said. WE dont have to go if youre going to complain about it
Spike: no no no..i wanna go on the ride..sides..kinda late to change our minds *ride starts*
Me: *the boat moves and whenthey go down the big drop they scream and get soaked and cordy laughs at the end*
Spike: *wipes the water from his face and slicks back his hair* well that was..a boatload of fun *laughs* we'll have to go on it again later
Me: See I told you *smiles and kisses him* Now come on let's go to the bridge *takes his hand*
Spike: *getting pulled* okay then..*they end up at the bridge and watch as the boat approaches. He gets an idea..he pulls cordy in close for a big passionate kiss just as the boat splashes them and soaks them from head to toe*
Me: *smiles and kisses him. she giggles when they get spalshed but doesn't break the kiss at first*
Spike: *once again wipes his hair back when Cordy breaks the kiss..finally* Look at that..we're wet and making out...reminds me of the beach *wiggles eyebrows*
Me: *smiles* Yeah that was a very good day.
Spike: me this nice little tan that makes everyone jealous...'specially andrew. Oh right, and i got the girl that makes everyone jealous.
Me: *smiles nd kisses him again* You know, youknow just what to say *takes his hand and they walk to another ride*
Spike: ' more boats.
Me: *laughs* Ok! No boats
Spike: i just want to make that clear. *nods* so what's next?
Me: Hm... *points to one on the map* how abotu that one
Spike: *looks at map* Indiana Jones? Wasn't that some sort of movie?
Me: Yeah it was! Harrison Ford was such a hunk in that movie. *blissfully unaware that she just said harrison for was really hot in front of her boyfriend*
Spike: you's not good to point out hot guys in front of your boyfriend *gives a stern look before he gives her a kiss*
Me: *raises an eyebrow* Never said he was hotter than you, did I? *smiles and walks on*
Spike: *rolls eyes and follows* that is true. *takes her hand*
Me: *walks with him to ride line* That's the only thing i don't like abotu aumsement parks. the lines.
Me: plus there can sometimes be really weird people around
Spike: weird people huh?
Me: yeah. smelley people and badly dressed people and weird guys that stare and have bad ickup lines
Spike: *laughs* pick up lines? While waiting for a ride? That's happened to you before?
Me: *laughs* Uh yeah.
Spike: well..if that happens...some guy with bad pick up lines will leave the ride with a black eye *nods and laughs*
Me: *smiles* Aw will you protect me?
Spike: of course. Unless he's like...really big..or really're on your own sweetheart *smiles*
Me: *playfully hits him* Oh thanks
Spike: *laughs* you are so welcome
Me: *rolls eyes and laughs*
Me: Well If some bucktooth hillbilly girl starts hitting on you and following you around youre on your own baby
Spike: aww..what a nice picture you paint.
Spike: will she call me cutiepie?
Me: I Don't know. She'd probably call you her bubba or soemthing
Spike: ahh..well..nevermind then *the line moves..they're a little closer to the front*
Me: Oh would be ok with it if she called you cutiepie?
Spike: probably not.
Spike: icon for stef
Me: *laughs* good. we would have some problems otherwise
Spike: *laughs* lets uh..change the subject
Me: Gladyly! *looks* Oh almost there.
Spike: *looks past her shoulder* this time. Niice.
Me: *smiles* yeah! I think youll like it
Me: *get in cars and gets all strapped in*
Spike: *sits next to cordy. straps in and ride starts. It's a rollar coaster type thing..the car moves fast through all the turns and stuff..after a while the rides over and they get out* well that was good times *smiles* I liked it
Me: *smiles* Good. So are you likeing the day so far?
Spike: yes sir...i uh mean ma'am. What's next?
Me: Hm.... *points to anotehr ride on the map* wanna go there?
Spike: *looks at map* sounds good
Me: *walks with him* looks like we'll have to have dinner here too
Spike: one fun disney land day..just no more mickey mouse or small world.
Me: *nods* I agree. no more of that
Spike: *they get in line at the car thing (i forget what it's called..all i know is you drive the cars on a track)
Me: *waits in line* I wish they didn't charge so much for food though
Spike: yeah. same here. They prolly charge more for souveniers
Me: *laughs* Yeah they chargemore for souvenirs. but some are so cute!
Spike: you can get one thing. Otherwise you'll go broke
Me: yeah i know. *pouts a little*
Spike: *line gets closer to front* oohh...pouting looks nice. *kisses her* do that more often
Me: *smiles* Will do!
Spike: *they get to the front..get in the cars and race to the finish line. Spike behind Cordy keeps bumping her car with his..the ride ends..they get out* That was fun too
Me: *laughs* yeah *takes his hand and gives him the map* wanna pick the next ride
Spike: *looks at map for a while* how bout we get something to eat instead?
Me: Yeah I'm feeling hungry. *walks with him to a restaurant*
Spike: *looks at the menu..orders stuff...pays for it...sits down and eats..cordy approaches with her food and sits next to him* This stuff's good. *takes a big bite*
Me: *eats some* Yeah I know. Not too much is it?
Spike: nah...actually a good pice this time. Why didn't we find this place earlier?
Me: *shrugs* I don't know. I don't think we were in this area earlier...
Spike: *looks around* got dark fast
Me: *looks too* Yeah I know... I wonder what time the park closes.
Spike: the thing says 10:30 to 11 is when the push people out the gates
Me: What time is it now?
Spike: *looks at watch* almost nine
Me: hm.. wanna leave before it closes?
Spike: so we can get the car out of the park before daybreak?
Me: Hey you got the idea *laughs* yeah
Spike: so you wanna do that then?
Me: YEah *stands up* sounds good.
Me: * gets her purse* Ready?
Spike: *takes one last bite and stands* yep *throws stuff away and walks out with cordy*
Me: Oh! Souvenir!
Spike: *laughs* right, right. Lets go that way then..towards the store.
Me: *laughs and walks with him. while they are in there she picks up this pooh stuffed animal* Aw it's so cute
Spike: okay. *looks around*
Spike: *picks up a shotglass with pluto printed on the front* this one looks good..
Me: *laughs* Why am I not surprised?
Spike: the lil' buggers kinda cute--manly *cough* manly yeah. Shall we buy em then?
Me: *laughs* Yeah let's get them *walks with him to the counter to pay* Another line...
Spike: this one moves faster
Me: yeah it does
Spike: *they pay for their stuff and head for the car* Stars are shining brightly
Me: *looks up and smiles* Yeah. they look really pretty
Spike: it'd be even more special if all this..extra light wasn't around
Me: Yeah I knwo *shrugs* But rigth now we're right next to Disneyland. And we livve in LA so its kinda hard to see a lot of stars
Spike: we'll have to go somewhere there's not so much light
Me: *nods* WE should. *smiles at him and kisses him*
Spike: *takes her hand and they walk back to the car in the parking garage. Eventually they find their car and get inside* today was a great day. Don'tyou thinK
Me: Yeah I thought so. *grins* I'm glad you liked it too
Spike: *sighs* any day with you...*smiles*
Me: *blushes a little and smiles* You are really sweet, you know.
Spike: i try. Cordelia Chase blushing? tha'ts new
Me: Sh! No one is supposed to knwo... *laughs*
Spike: secrets safe with me love. Now..i think we should start the car and go now...lots of people are leaving
Me: yeah *starts car and turns on radio. they leave the parking lot* Well that wasn;t too much of a mess to get out of
Spike: nope. We'll have to come back again...when we have enough money saved up of course *laughs*
Me: *laughs* yeah
Me: *thinks* You know... if you're worried about the money thing. You know paying for your apartment and stuf... I mean you've been sleeping in my apartment anyways.... you could just movein and we could share the rent...
Spike: *raises eyebrows* that's big step territory there. Are you sure you're ready for that?
Me: Well it just doesn't seem to make since two pay for two apartments when we both stay in one. And if it doesn't work out you can always move out...
Spike: well lets not think about "if it doesn't work out" And you're right. Why pay for two if i'm always with you. So...i'm all for moving in. *smiles* i dont' have a lot of stuff anyway...we could do it today even
Me: *smiles* Sounds good. *turns up the radio a little bit*
Me: So you're place first?
Me: *your
Spike: yeah...get my duster and smokes *cough* and my extra pair of shoes
Me: Spike you really should try and quit smoking
Spike:'s only cig a day..promise...
Me: Well... maybe slowly you can break it.
Spike: you can keep a closer eye since i'll be living with ya
Me: *smiles* Yeah that's true.
Me: You should wear the patch *nods*
Spike: *laughs*...i was thinking the gum
Me: *laughs* Yeah the gum would be good to. unless you become addicted to that.t hen it would be jsutas bad
Spike: yeah...i think cold turkey might work *nods*'re willing to share closet space then?
Me: Yeah sure. There's more than one closet.
Spike: true.
Me: *they magically are now close to spike's apartment nd she turns in tothe parking lot and she pars and turns off the car* Ok! let's go get your stuff. *gets out*
Spike: *takes her hand as they go in and get in the elevators..they get to his very empty apartment save for a couch which spike would sleep on if he didnt' sleep at cordys all the time* lemme get my clothes
Me: *looks around* Ok..
Me: *walks aorund room*
Spike: now you know why i'm always at your place
Me: *laughs* Well I'm sure you're there for more than just the bed and decorations.
Spike: oh yes. of course. *comes up to cordy holding a box* ready..everythings in the box. Shall we go then? Gotta leave my key with the super
Me: Yeah! Let's go. *walsk with him out the door*
Spike: *walks to the supers apartment takes out an envelope..puts in the key and the months rent and slides it under the door* all set love. *takes her hand*lets go home.
Me: S*miles at the sound of that* yeah *they walk out to the car and she straps ina nd turns on the ignition and pulls out of the parking lot*
Spike: we should definately celebrate this moving in thing when we get there
Me: *smiles* Yeah. Anything you have in mind?
Spike: *thinks* how about...a bottle of wine...each?
Me: *laughs a little* mmm yeah wine soudns good.
Spike: *smiles* celebrate always means getting really hammered
Me: *laughs* Well it'll take me less than a bottlew of wine
Me: *drive for a while until they get to her apartment complex and she parks* Here we are.
Spike: super. *gets out and helps cordy out..taking her hand* i know only married people do it but..what the hey *he picks her up and walks her all the way inside and up to hte apartment and across the threshold* it's now official. We live together. This is home
Me: *smiles and kisses him* I like the way that sounds.
Me: So.... *looks around* where are you taking me?
Spike: where do you wanna go?
Me: Well we were going to have wine weren't we?
Spike: yes. TO the kitchen *he lets cordy down and leads her to the frige where there was wine pulls out two bottles opens them and hands one to Cordy* To..being roommates *does that cheers thing and takes a good swig*
Me: *she goes and gets a wine glass and pours the wine into the glass and raises glass* to being roommates *drinks*
Spike: lady like aren't we?
Me: I don't drink from the bottle *laughs*
Spike: *laughs* whatever floats your boat..and i'm already drunk
Me: *laughs and finishes off her glass* Really? already?
Spike: that was a big glup i just had there *takes another drink*
Me: *fills glass again* well yeah that's true *drinks*
Spike: jus' lemme know when you're drunk *smiles and walks to the bedroom* crap..i left my clothes in the car.
Me: *drinks some more* you better go them then. *nods and takes another sip*
Spike: *smiles* lookslike it's kickin in...i dont' think i'll need clothes till mornin...i'll get em later
Me: *smiles* yeah you wouldn't need them anyways *drinks some more* Uh oh I think my speach is sluring a little *it does slur*
Spike: *takes a drink and almost finishes the bottle* slurring 'sfun
Me: *fills glass again* Yeah *giggles* makes me laugh a little *slurs a little again and she drinks some more*
Spike: Gonna down the whole bottle pet?
Me: No. I'ld be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally drunk then.
Me: *takes another sip*
Spike: a little late for that
Spike: *downs the rest of the botle*
Me: *finishes her glass* hm... maybe. *goes for a refill and there's only a little left in her bottle*
Spike: *smiles* aww...all out pet?
Me: I still have some left *nods nd drinks from her glass*
Spike: Well..the bottles gone. What do we do now?
Me: *finishes her glass* Hm.... well we want to still celebrate right?
Spike: well..teh getting drunk parts over so..what'snext then *smiles*

Ughhhh... and the rest is kind of blurry. I woke up in bed and in his arms this morning. And my head was KILLING me. I never drink that much. I sat up in bed and wraped the sheet around me.
"Ooh... I drank too much." My head was KILLING me. "My head hurts so bad."
He rubbed his eyes and said, "mm yeah me too."
I rubbed my head, "I mean.. it really hurts."
"Love it's just a hangover...."
"no.. I don't think it..." I started to say but then the vision hit. I saw all these people. Demons. The ones I recognized I named. "Drusilla....Uhh.. the master?" I heard Spike saying something but I couldn't understand the pictures kept flying by so fast. When it stopped I fell back into the bed.
"Oww.... I need some aspirin," I said.
He went and got me some. I didn't understand why I saw soem of those demon things. I mean hullo? Didn't buffy kill the master? I felt really sick. I called Angel and Buffy and told them what I saw. Which wasn't much except just quick pictures of them. Couldn't even really see what they were doing. I after I called them I just went back to bed. My head hurt from the vision plus I already had that hangover and I wanted some sleep.
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