Faith Lehane (slayergal_faith) wrote in slayerverse,
Faith Lehane

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Going Through The Motions

I have always been the shit ya know? But lately I don’t feel like it. Okay I’m still hot but I watch all these couples coupling and it just makes me feel more removed.

I’ve never been with the normal but I’ve changed, fuck the whole world has changed and I don’t quite fit not exactly anyway.

Always the chosen two, well there are a chosen million. So where do I go how do I deal? Can’t even sort that shit out with all the potentials hanging around.

So I get up each morning, put a smile on my face and eat my Wheaties. I don’t know why the hell I’m doing it taking more of B’s work time with the potentials so she can be with College boy.

Man, I need a life. Did I just say that? Fuck!
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