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A Slayer Death

I was paged to the infirmary last night as there had apparently been an incident involving a slayer and an unknown assailant. I was informed that she had gone into cardiac arrest and thus had a fully charged crash cart on standby. I was hoping beyond all hope that I could save her as I didn’t like the idea of losing my first patient.

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Cyndi White that it was too late for her. I tried nonetheless but her injuries were too extensive and the blood loss alone would have killed her. Mr. Giles watched with a cold look of sorrow on his face as I tried everything I could to save the poor girl but he knew as well as I did that she didn’t stand a chance. The rest of my evening would be performing an autopsy and preparing a report for him that I so wished I didn’t have to deliver.

“Miss. Woggins,” Mr. Giles said to acknowledge me when I walked into his office this morning with my report.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Giles,” I said as I handed the report to him.

“In my line of work death is a common place and undoubtedly you might expect it to get easier but it never does,” he said as he glanced over my findings. “These findings are a tad bit odd but considering we haven’t the foggiest idea what attacked her it’s somehow not surprising.”

“The cause of death is normally well defined but not in her case. I am still running further analysis of her tissue samples for any irregularities but we may never know if it was her heart stopping, the loss of blood, or even the severe trauma she underwent or a combination of said effects. I only know for certain that whatever this girl went through was not very pleasant.”

“Well yes I would concur. The demon that did this, did it leave behind anything other than the suction marks that covered her body?”

“Hopefully we will know in a few days. I am running a very wide analysis on her blood as a lot of blood parasites tend to inject anticoagulants into the bloodstream and we may be able to learn something about this thing from those results. The sucker marks were consistent though slightly differing in sizes thus indicating multiple suckers and the shape was consistent with the suckers of genus Architeuthis.”

“A giant squid demon, I will have to research that see if we can find one known for blood drinking,” Mr. Giles said as he closed my report.

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