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Missing Piece

B’s all smiles seems Pikey boy is keeping her with the happy. A happy slayer is a better slayer right? Kinda cool though sometimes we need to get away it’s just me and B going around patrolling. Makes me think how things coulda been then ya know? But I’m all five by five.

Went by the offices to check out Pike’s new dig stuffy even for the G-man. Gave him the lunch he’d left behind. Inside was a note from B. Had to get out of there before he read it. Hell, I hear them enough at night.

I was makin’ my way out tryin’ to avoid everyone when I ran into this new watcher. Damn he was the shit. Man on man. And I’d gotten Princess Margaret Wes. I’m like what? These slayers had it a lot better than we did.

Still feelin’ on the outside. B and Dawn do their best. Think B feels some of it too. It’s like waiting for Christmas and then it comes and you’re disappointed. Fuck all my Christmases were like that.

So I’m goin’ out patrolling tonight give me a chance to think figure out some things. Maybe get all five by five. Hell I need to find the fun!
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