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I Followed the Yellow Brick Road ... Now What? [28 Jun 2003|02:06pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

At times I’m not sure why the fuck I’m here. I watch these girls, yah they are green but so was I. It’s not like they don’t need me they’ve got B and all and their watchers. I guess I thought things would be different. Feelin’ like a fuckin’ baby sittin’ service.

Again I go out so B can be with the fish. Always been jealous of everythin’ she’s had and I haven’t. Maybe that’s it .. maybe I’m just jealous …or not.

I feel like fuckin’ Alice in fuckin’ Wonderland.

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[19 Jun 2003|01:09am]

[ mood | okay ]

The past week has been hectic. Between work and trying to teach Benny how it is now a days and then more work and band practices and Ted is leaving so we need to replace him and then more work... So anyways I haven't see Buff much. Actually I havent seen her at all. I called her a lot and left messages. And I have messages on my answering machine where she called back and I wasn't home. We just keep missing her. Went over to her house a few times too but surprise surprise she wasn't there.

And then there's Benny. Can he be broguht back into our world? I mean can he be dead for 7 years and then suddenly be alive? Do we just tear up the death certificate or something? And I haven't told anyone he's alive yet. I mean, I'm the one who killed him. some serious guilt is going on. I thought you just had to kill vampires. I didn't know they could be souled. Didnt know they could even become human. So I feel guilty for killing my best friend. all that happened at once. I mean at first I didn't realize "Benny is dead" until after Buff left. Because then I didn't have my best friend or girlfriend. And I realized... he was gone. And now he's back? And he seems the exact same. I mean he was kinda off at first. probably because he was inhell for song. Ok kinda off might be the understatement of the year. That's one reason why he took up so much time. He was really... weird. And crazy. And NOW he's just kinda off. He's starting to talk more sense now. And he told me what he remembers of what happened before he died. And he remembers. How he died. He didn't go off on me but.. I dunno. It was weird and awkward. And I had to go to work so I did.

And worked most of the day. Buffy came in a little after dinnertime. It was good to see her. Hadn't seen her in over a week. I told her about Ben. And we talked for a while. About Ben and about Angel. And about when she has died. She told me she thinks Ben would forgive me. For killing him. She told me another thing too. That she loves me. And I said it back cuz I do. Do youknow how much the past week has sucked?

She was able to get me out of my office and we went to dinner. we talked a little more and danced for a while. Dinner was good too. It was nice goin out to eat with her. Epsecially after having just a honeybun and some fritos for lunch in my office.

We were waking back out to my car wehn I said, "You know you make me not want to go back to work tonight."
"Well do you have to? Do you want to... stay the night at my house?" she asked.
I laughed, "Well as you would say, "duh". ButI dunno if Ben is aight. I'll call him andtell him I won't be back tonight."

So I did and then we went back to Buff's. IT made a week seem like forever. Let me tell you I was glad to be back in that house. Even if that sounds ... I dunno corny or needy or whatever. I just missed bein with Buff. A lot.

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[17 Jun 2003|10:20pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Lines. Suck. Waiting. Sucks. Spending a day with Cordelia? Worth every minute. Except for the whole singing puppets ordeal and being molested by Mickey Mouse. I could have done without that. All in all i'll say the night had a good ending. I'm now living with my sugur mommaCordy. Her apartment a whole lot better than my...box i was livin in.

To celebrate my moving in we got...really wasted on Wine. Cordy never had that much (she downed a whole bottle) so it was possible that she was way more drunk than I. Woke up this mornin with one hell of a hangover. More importantly i woke up with her in my arms...actually..she was sitting up and rubbing her head in pain. First i thought it was just her reaction to being hungover, but then she started acting weird and just about screaming in pain.

Visions. She fell back when they hit. She started tellin me what she was seein. I was trying to remember everything as best i could. But i dint' really care about the vision. I was more interested in trying to help her with the pain. Askin if she was alright tryin to get her to snap out of it. Eventually they stoped. She wanted aspirin. I went and got some..came back and she had just finished callin Buffy or Angel. I gave her the pills and the glass of water. After downin that she laid back in bed. I got in next to her and put my arms around her. Watched her sleep for awhile. Listened to her breathing. Rapid at first...eventually she calmed..i fell asleep too.

Woke up and it was...just after twelve. SHe was wakin up around the same time.

"We missed breakfast, love." That made her smile. Almost laughed, but she was still pretty hung over. She can't hold her liquor that's for sure.

"Spike, never get me drunk. Ever." She said that and poked me in the chest. I of course laughed and took her hand. Entwining our fingers.

"Promise, no more getting drunk. Hangovers aren't your look." Before she could retalliate for that remark i got up and ran to the shower. Came out looking all...ready to go out for a bit.

"Where are you going?" She was still lying in bed. Well..sitting up with a sheet wraped around her. Advice: Never look at your girlfriend wearing only sheet before you leave. It's never good.

"I'm going out to get some, well lunch, for us. Since cooking never works out well with us. I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't. Get. Dressed." with that i ran out to go find a nice place to pick up some food.

But first i had to find Buffy and ask her about the visions. The mention of Dru made me a little nervous.

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[16 Jun 2003|02:02pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Well since Spike is newly humanhe's never been to amusement park before. And that is just wrong.
So we went to Disneyland.Collapse )

Ughhhh... and the rest is kind of blurry. I woke up in bed and in his arms this morning. And my head was KILLING me. I never drink that much. I sat up in bed and wraped the sheet around me.
"Ooh... I drank too much." My head was KILLING me. "My head hurts so bad."
He rubbed his eyes and said, "mm yeah me too."
I rubbed my head, "I mean.. it really hurts."
"Love it's just a hangover...."
"no.. I don't think it..." I started to say but then the vision hit. I saw all these people. Demons. The ones I recognized I named. "Drusilla....Uhh.. the master?" I heard Spike saying something but I couldn't understand the pictures kept flying by so fast. When it stopped I fell back into the bed.
"Oww.... I need some aspirin," I said.
He went and got me some. I didn't understand why I saw soem of those demon things. I mean hullo? Didn't buffy kill the master? I felt really sick. I called Angel and Buffy and told them what I saw. Which wasn't much except just quick pictures of them. Couldn't even really see what they were doing. I after I called them I just went back to bed. My head hurt from the vision plus I already had that hangover and I wanted some sleep.

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[15 Jun 2003|11:31am]

[ mood | okay ]

Between all these new Watchers and Slayers and Spike and that...fish guy...life's been so busy I haven't had time to sulk. Which is really not fair since I have so much to sulk about!

...Not that anyone knows. Since I usually do it...um. Alone. Because there's way more going on here, especially now, then me and my, um...sad feelings and stuff.

But I've been teaching Dawn Klingon! And she's totally a natural. So that makes me feel better! And she explained that whole "Key" thing to me...even though I still don't really get it. But I like the color green! So it's okay.

Oh, but here's something right out of the X-Files...um. If the X-Files were about...Slayers and all. There's a guy Slayer! A guy! That's not supposed to happen! Slayers are girls!

He seems really nice though. Even if he did keep giving me weird looks...Maybe somebody told him what I did to Jonathan! That's the last thing I need...more people being all..."Murderer!" around me...

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Going Through The Motions [12 Jun 2003|04:10pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I have always been the shit ya know? But lately I don’t feel like it. Okay I’m still hot but I watch all these couples coupling and it just makes me feel more removed.

I’ve never been with the normal but I’ve changed, fuck the whole world has changed and I don’t quite fit not exactly anyway.

Always the chosen two, well there are a chosen million. So where do I go how do I deal? Can’t even sort that shit out with all the potentials hanging around.

So I get up each morning, put a smile on my face and eat my Wheaties. I don’t know why the hell I’m doing it taking more of B’s work time with the potentials so she can be with College boy.

Man, I need a life. Did I just say that? Fuck!

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[11 Jun 2003|09:39am]

Ok so a while ago, I was getting my ass beaten by some fraternity boys.

They were screaming at me "you fucking faggot" over and over again. I tried not to cry. I ended up in the hospital with a few broken ribs, I woke up the next morning with no marks on me. My body was completely healed. I got really freaked and left sneaking out in those god awful hospital gowns.

I went to his dorm room, needing comfort. He let me, but not without checking around first. I told him what happened. He gave me clothes and pushed me out of his room.

I got on the bus to go home, A girl from one of my classes was on it too.

"So I hear you have a huge Crush on Scott Whitman, and that his frat brothers are going to beat you up because you are stalking him. Is that true?" She asked.

"Who told you that?" I said harshly?

"Scott, He told everyone that you kissed him, cause Freddie Mayor saw you two kissing, and Scott told them you forced the kiss on him and that you were stalking him." God it looked like she was getting pleasure out of this.

I didn't say anything. I got home, packed up my belongings and got on the next bus out of town. I finally settled down in Seattle.

About a month later I was approached by a wary british man and this red head. She looked at me, closed her eyes and chanted something and this white light hit me.

"Oh dear lord." The British guy said.

"Who are you?" I asked with a shaky voice.

And then he explained everything to me. Then I figured it out. I had a fraternal twin sister in the womb, somehow our mothers body started doing something strange. or maybe it was mine. But my body started to absorb hers. [i bet this isn't possible but lets pretend it is]

So now I'm in Dana Point. A slayer, strong as ever, and surrounded by women. It actually kind of funny the girls were all worried I was going to be some kind of slayer player, but I'm into guys.

Who knew.

And I met him yesterday, Andrew. A watcher in training. He's so ... beautiful.
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[11 Jun 2003|09:22am]

This last week has been so strange. The best part is Pike, but seeing Spike all happy and human is the second best part. He was the only one there for me when everything went down.

It was akward to say the least, but It's Spike, and when were things with him ever normal. Not only that but dating Cordelia? Right. But hey, she's changed too.

Anyways, I train, I sleep, I slay, I spend time with Pike. I never get time for myself. But hey, It works. Faith and I are going to have some quality slayer time sometime, probably while out slaying.

So far only a few girls are on active patrol. Rona, Kennedy and Vi. But hey 5 is better than 1.

Pike was acting really strange the other day and now I can't get a hold of him. I'm worried, what could have happened to him? And, Giles wants me to go see Angel. So, I guess that's my mission today. Figure out what's wrong with Pike and go see Angel.
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[10 Jun 2003|10:54pm]

We were practicing when i saw this guy walk in. It was one of those open practices where people could come in and watch. So I was singing and saw the guy walk in. And he looked just like Benny. I said "Holy Shit" while I was singing and had to cover it by changin the lyrics a little. After practice I went up to see who he was. Adn it was Benny.

He said he'd been in hel. And some guy brought him back. He said the guy meant to bring some Chick back named Darla. Got ole Ben instead. And was kinda mad about that and nicely kicked him out. So.. I was freaked. I called Buff. WE were supposed to go out tonight.
"Hey Buff," I said.
"Hey Pike Whe-"
"Listen.. I can't make it to dinner tonight..."
"You can't? Why?"
"It's hard to explain... my past just kinda... showed up. I'll talk to you later though. Bye Buff"

so I told him what's happened the past 7 years. He was shocked I went to Ucla and the Stanford. I know. I was shcoked too. We had to sleep at some girl's apartment (which I'm sure, knowing Benny, he just hated) so he's gonna sleep in the other room in my apartment. This is still so freaky.

My best friend who was turned into a vampire and then killed by me 7 years ago is now human again. holy shit.
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[10 Sep 2002|12:36am]

[ mood | weird ]

I've been in hell. Literally. All because of that asshole Amilyn turning me into a vampire. And then Pike killing me. Which I guess is aight. But dude. He killed me. I mean it wasn't REALLY me. But.. I dunno. Im not mad. Not really.

So I've been in hell for a assload of time. and then suddenly I'm in La. adnt here's this guy who's like "where's Darla?" I dunno who Darla is. And i didn't know where I was. He said I was in LA. So I was home. And then he kinda kicked me out. Asshole.

So I had to go out there on my own. no money. And just the clothes I was wearing when I died. What the fuck? I was able to spend the night at some hottie's house. Cuz I mean c'mon. I'm Benny. So anyways I looked up people in the phone book and Pike still lives here. Called him but got the answering machine. Don't think he would believe it was me so I hung up. The girl uh... Chrissy? I think. I dunno something like that. She said she heard of him. Been to a gig of his or soemthin. And tole me where they play and stuff. So I'll be payin him a visit at his band practice tomorrow. Get some better clothes and ffod and place to stay. I better. I mean, what are friends for?

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The Box [08 Jun 2003|05:40pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I lost count of the time I was in that hell place, not sure if I'm really back but it doesn't stink, it isn't hot so might say I am. A doorway the boy went through, still open, I followed ended up in a box. This is gonna be sweet, I will finally get my revenge on that lame pathetic Slayer.

The boy left behind his demon, I didn't. The others will come soon, together we will do what we couldn't do separately. Buffy is going to die and I get to keep her stuff.

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Resurrection [08 Jun 2003|04:13pm]


From the desk of Mr. Angel
Wolfram & Hart

What made me do it, a question I keep asking myself and answers I may not be very happy with. I guess I should have known better seeing that I am over 200 years old and you might expect a learning curve with that sort of life lessons stretch. I have seen rough times, wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience when I got my soul when I had to experience the guilt and pain for every one I killed as Angelus. Then there was Buffy, that didn’t exactly end the way it should have. I will always love her, we are bound like that but yet we can never work. There was Cordelia, I loved her too but she was part of the cost, part of the deal that put me in this seat. I lost her and Conner, my son, though the world doesn’t remember him, I never will forget, That brings us back to Darla, I hated her for what she made me but when Wolfram and Hart brought her back, human, I felt differently. I tried to help her, to save her and I failed.

It comes back to Darla, they brought her back, and I had the resources to do it again so I tried, I tried to bring back Darla and it didn’t go exactly as planned. Then again when do things go exactly as planned? I recreated the ritual, I said the right words, sacrificed the right number of vampires and then when I looked in the box it wasn’t Darla, some guy. He said his name was Benny. He was human, was he a vampire when he was sent to Hell, I really don’t know and I don’t care. I just sent him out into the world, let him take care of himself, I have thinking to do.

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Our gig [07 Sep 2002|07:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

Finally it's Saturday. no work today, heh. Mainly just went and had lunch with buff and then practiced and then there was the gig. Did some new stuff. And some old. I looked out into the audience and was glad to see Buff there. She was with Dawn and Faith too. Last song was one I had just written this week.
"ok guys. This last song is a brand new one. Just wrote it this week. Yeah so here it goes... It's Good in that BadCollapse )
And that's all for Reduced tonight! See you guys next week. You guys rock!"

Afterwards I was going up to buff but of course Heather, Cici, and Amanda had to stop me. And then Ted had to get in on it.
"Pike! You guys did soooo good tonight! But you guys always do.."-Heather
"Uh thanks Heather. glad you liked the show."
"Aw Pike! We ALWAYS like the show! you guys are just like the best. hey ted!"-Amanda
"And how are our hottest fans tonight?"-Ted
"Ted! We're not really... the hottest. oh but we so are your number one fans."-Cici
Heather put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Yeah. You guys are so much better than the other bands who play here. I mean you guys do all of your own songs and are like such good writers and then the music just rocks! Plus... the vocals are so... sexy."
Then buff walked up behind Heather and with a raised eyebrow said, "Yeah. That was a good show."
Damn I was glad to see her. Well... could have been better if she had walked up at a different time.. but still."Buff!" I moved so that Heather's hand was off my shoulder and kissed her."Oh hey, guys this is my girlfriend, Buffy Summers."
Heather smiled a not so sweet smile and said, "Buffy? Is that like a nickname?"
"No.. just Buffy."
cici looked like she was about to laugh. Bitch. "Well hi there.. Buffy. I'm Heather. *laughs* But I'm sure Pike's already told you all about me."
"Nope. Hasn't said a thing."-Buffy Now I was the one about to laugh.
"Buffy... I've been uh.. Meaning to meet you. I'm Ted" and then he took her hand and kissed it. Because he has to try and hit on anything that wears, will wear, or has worn a skirt in some way or form.
"Pike definitely knows how to pick girls *winks*"-ted
"I wouldn't say that *glare*"-Heather
"Well.... as much as I love this conversation I think me and Buff have to ya know, go. Bye guys," I said. I put my arm around her and led her out before anymore shit could be said. I reeeeally don't like those girls.

"So... number one fans?" Buff said in the car.
"uh yeah... they've been comin to the shows for a long time"-me
"They seemed really friendly."
"No there just... these girls who've been coming to the shows for a while." Then I smiled and said, "Jealous?"
"Of them? Yeah right." She shifted in her chair.
"listen Buff. The've been.. that way for a while. And I just ya know never went for that. Yeah I have to admit they're hott but they have no brains or personality. *smiles* You know, kinda like you before you met me." Ok... not the best time to joke.
"Trust me. I definitely don't see anything in them. That's Ted's thing. Not mine. K?"
She shrugged. "I never said I was jealous." Uh.. Right.
"So...want to come to my place tonight?" I asked.
"Well I don't have to patrol tonight so sounds like a plan," she said.

So we went to my place. Haven't been there much this week other than pickin up my clothes. Good thing I got some food yesterday.
"Better than your old one," she said.
"Yup, got some money now... so *smiles* want a tour?" I asked.
She laughed. "sure."
"Kitchen. Living room. Bathroom. balcony. Now..." I took her hand "Let's go look at the bedroom..."
And well.. you should guess what happened next.

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[06 Jun 2003|08:28pm]

Being a Watcher is so much fun! Well, Watcher in training. You know, I don't get why Andrew and I have to have "-in-training" on our titles just because we're younger than the other Watchers. We've done just as much evil-ass-kicking as the rest of them. Okay, I guess Willow and Giles and them have more experience, but still. I know Turkish! And Andrew knows Klingon, and a bunch of demon languages. And I'd have almost as much experience as Willow if mom and Buffy hadn't always been so overprotective of me when I was younger.

Oh well. At least Andrew and I are in this together. We take turns teaching each other stuff, like languages and fight moves and all that. And sometimes we just sit around talking. About everything. He tells me about the stuff he and Warren and Jonathan used to do together, and I tell him about the cool things I've done and seen. Well, mostly the cool things I've seen Buffy do and see. But I've had my share of experiences too! Like when that demon guy that made Sunnydale into Musical Town wanted me to be his queen. Andrew said that he sang some boyband number with Warren and Jonathan, which is way cooler than my ballet with the evil puppet guys. I bet he has a really good singing voice.

We talk about other stuff, too. Like how scary this is sometimes. Our whole lives were in Sunnydale, you know? And now that's gone, all of it. It didn't really hit me at the time, but every day that goes by, it starts to sink in even more. I'll never sleep in my bed again, or see my friends from school (not that I particularly miss Sunnydale High), or have a mocha milkshake at the Espresso Pump, or visit Xander's apartment, or watch movies on my couch, or anything. Ever again.

It's just kind of frightening. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks about it. Buffy's always so busy with all the new slayers and Pike, so she and I don't really get to talk much anymore. I talk to Faith more than I talk to Buffy! (Faith lets me borrow her clothes too. She's awesome.)

But all in all, life's not so bad here. Hey, even if I am just "Watcher-in-training," it's better than "annoying teenage girl," right?
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[05 Jun 2003|04:11pm]

I thought after we destroyed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, life would get less strenuous.

A slayer's job is never done, though. Which means the job of a very powerful witch, who happens to be one slayer's best friend and another slayer's girlfriend, is never done, either.

Speaking of slayer love interests... Kennedy still seems sorta surprised that I came here with her, rather than 'retiring' and going off to the Bahamas or something. But I love her. And Buffy and Giles and Xander and Dawn and, heck, even Faith and Andrew. Well, maybe not Andrew. He's still pretty annoying. But the point is, we've all had enough unhappy endings in relationships. I wasn't about to walk away from everybody now.

Not to mention how bum-like I'd feel knowing that all my friends--my family--are here gathering slayers and fighting evil while I'm sipping margaritas and singlehandedly keeping Coppertone in business.

So I'm here. Doing my Watcherly and witchly duties. I'm also sort of the slayer-recruitment committee: I sense their presence, do a locator spell, and either go get them or send someone else to, depending on the situation. All things considered, not such a bad job, except when the slayer is uncooperative. I usually try to figure out what's important to them, what their motivations are, and explain the gig to them in a way that will appeal to them personally. It's like consumer relations... only with less consumers and more slayers. It's slayer relations!

So the job is going well. My friends are happy. I'm happy. And my girlfriend is a slayer with a tongue ring.

Life is good.
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A Slayer Death [05 Jun 2003|07:14am]

[ mood | calm ]

I was paged to the infirmary last night as there had apparently been an incident involving a slayer and an unknown assailant. I was informed that she had gone into cardiac arrest and thus had a fully charged crash cart on standby. I was hoping beyond all hope that I could save her as I didn’t like the idea of losing my first patient.

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Cyndi White that it was too late for her. I tried nonetheless but her injuries were too extensive and the blood loss alone would have killed her. Mr. Giles watched with a cold look of sorrow on his face as I tried everything I could to save the poor girl but he knew as well as I did that she didn’t stand a chance. The rest of my evening would be performing an autopsy and preparing a report for him that I so wished I didn’t have to deliver.

“Miss. Woggins,” Mr. Giles said to acknowledge me when I walked into his office this morning with my report.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Giles,” I said as I handed the report to him.

“In my line of work death is a common place and undoubtedly you might expect it to get easier but it never does,” he said as he glanced over my findings. “These findings are a tad bit odd but considering we haven’t the foggiest idea what attacked her it’s somehow not surprising.”

“The cause of death is normally well defined but not in her case. I am still running further analysis of her tissue samples for any irregularities but we may never know if it was her heart stopping, the loss of blood, or even the severe trauma she underwent or a combination of said effects. I only know for certain that whatever this girl went through was not very pleasant.”

“Well yes I would concur. The demon that did this, did it leave behind anything other than the suction marks that covered her body?”

“Hopefully we will know in a few days. I am running a very wide analysis on her blood as a lot of blood parasites tend to inject anticoagulants into the bloodstream and we may be able to learn something about this thing from those results. The sucker marks were consistent though slightly differing in sizes thus indicating multiple suckers and the shape was consistent with the suckers of genus Architeuthis.”

“A giant squid demon, I will have to research that see if we can find one known for blood drinking,” Mr. Giles said as he closed my report.

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Hellmouth Rumblings [05 Jun 2003|06:31am]

[ mood | content ]

From the desk of Mr. Angel
Wolfram & Hart

A Senior Partner’s newsflash via the mouth of Lilah, there have been rumblings from the Hellmouth in Dana Point. What sort of rumblings or just how serious this might be wasn’t exactly on their docket, oh god I’m even starting to sound like a lawyer. I’ve got to get out of the office more often.

I should have Gunn see if he can find out anything in the white room. At this point if the Hellmouth could sing I would have Lorne reading it. I just have a bad feeling about this and I am having trouble putting my finger on it. I hope we get something concrete soon so we can call Giles and give them a heads up. I suppose with all those slayers running around there really isn’t much to worry about.

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[04 Sep 2002|02:27am]

[ mood | calm ]

Basically I've been working and band practicing and working and hanging at Buff's and working and then some more work. That place is crazy. Serious overtime going on. Faith brought me a lunch the other day that If orgot or soemthing. heh. Felt like a kid. Buff had written a note that went with it too.

"Have a good day. Try not to think about me too much while you're pouring over all those boring numbers. Can't wait to see you later. - Buffy"

Well I wasn't thinkin as much until then. But all the shit that had to be done kept me busy. Havin practice after work helps. Just playin the guitar and singing helps. Buff came to the end of practice. Didn't even realize she was there until we were done. She could've been there longer. I was just rockin and not payin attention to much else.

Ted Looked like he was ready to jump her. But hey I know she could kick his ass easily so I wasn't worried. He hit on her. But that's Ted. He's a lot like Benny. It's realy scary. Before we left Ted pulled me to the side.

"Damn she is smokin. Bet you're glad she didn't go down with sunnydale," he said.

"Yeah Im glad she didn't die because she's really hot. Oh but anyone not hott I shouldn't worry about." I rolled my eyes. dude if he wasn't my friend i would hate him for all the superficialness.

Then he had that look on the face. that look he gets when he's about to tell me how his weekend went. "And I better she really-"

"Ted, dude, don't finish that sentence. Don't go there."

He laughed and raised his hands up into the air. "heh just wondering-"

"I know what you were wondering." I laughed. " Well I'm spent and goin home. Gig saturday right?"

Ted nodded. "Yeah normal time."

So we were off. Went patrollin with her and just talked and staked and kisses and staked and stuff. Heh. Fun Times.

"Hey I've got a gig Saturday. wanna come?" I asked.

She smiled, "Yeah of course."

"Cool. We've been workin on some new stuff. I need to get my ass into writing more songs. Just don't have much time. Work's keeping me too busy," I said.

"Is it getting any better?" she asked.

"Yeah. Just.. a lot to do. butI bet when eveything gets set up it'll be aight. And the work will be easier. Just starting the place up that's the bitch."

And I know I'm gonna sound really cheesy and shit but do you know wha'ts cool? Watchin her sleep. Usually wait til I know she is before I fall asleep. Maybe I should be worried about all this more than I am. Ted dint bother me. And there was a lot of tension between her and spike and cordelia and me. i knew he was her ex but soemthin else must have gone down for there to be that tension. But I didn't feel worried or anything. So whatever.

Woke up in the middle of the night with some lyrics in my head that I had to write down before I could forget. Hate when that happens. just wake sme up when I'm sleeping. But hey.. like I said. I need to get my butt back into writing. So i guess that's better than nothing.

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[04 Sep 2002|12:54am]

[ mood | happy ]

We went and saw Buffy. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. there were some awkward silences.... and it looks like buffy's moved on, too. She's with her old ex that I met the other day. After everything got explained about Spike being alive, I was *so* ready to go. I was just soo tired. Hadn't um... had much sleep the night before. I was finally able to drag Spike out of there after complaining about being tired a bunch. The puppy dog face works. I really did just want to go home and sleep.

We had to stop at the council before going home, though. He had to get some papers that basically said he existed. I was ready totake a nap and had to kinda wake up when I heard him say, "First name: William. Last name:. Last name? Shit. Um Cordy I need a last name. Got any ideas?"

"Well um.... what do you want your middle name to be?" I asked.

He thought for a second and said, "Hm... James. William James, then."

Then I started naming off a lot of English Last names that I knew. "William Thatcher. Why do I keep thinking that when I hear William? Oh! That was Heath's name in A Knight's Tale. He was *so* hott in that movie!"

He gave me this look that probably means no so I went on, "Hm.. Smith... Bales... Jones.. Morgan-"

He stopped me and said, "Morgan. William James Morgan. William "Spike" Morgan. William Morgan. I like that. Right then, put that down."

So he got all these papers done (FINALLY). "Ok Billy let's go," I said and pulled him out of there before we could get like stuck there anymore.

I walked into my apartment and said, "I'm going to bed, wanna come?"
I saw that smile cross his face and a minute later he had crawled into bed with me with his shirt already off and was wrapping his arms around me.
"You seemed like you were ready to get into bed, love" he said.
I yawned, "Yeah and I was serious about "going to bed". Going to go to bed and sleep. I like my sleep."
"didn't you say that you do except when you'd rather hav-" Ok I interrupted him right there.
"how do you know I mean that. i was meaning except when I'd rather "have my nails done"" Ok that was a really bad cover up. But I was so tired!
I felt his arms wrap around me more and he said, "Do your nails make you tired?"
I yawned and said, "I would probably fall asleep."
"I wouldn't bet on that, love."
Then I yawned again. "You wouldn't want a tired me."
"Wouldn't bet on that either"
I turned around so I was facing him and said, "I'm going to sleep for like an hour, ok. And then I'll wake up and feel much better. I'l bee like refreshed." Then I yawned and turned around again.
I woke up later and he was awake. "Did you not sleep?"
He stretched and said, "No. Just woke up too."
Then there was some kissing and then more kissing and.... well you get it. At diner time I called and ordered a pizza and some coke. I came back to the bed and he smiled and said, "You look good in a sheet." I laughed and looked down at the sheet wrapped around me.
"So how long until it gets here?" he asked.
"it takes like 30 to 45 minutes,"I said.
He grinned, "We have time then" and then he pulled me back into bed.
Then later the door knocked and I had to run to the dor to get the pizza. "um.. give me you shirt," I said.
"Oh yeah. Because that is a lot less obvious then the sheet." I laughed, rolled my eyes, grabbed his shirt and put it on. Then we had pizza dn coke in bed. I can serisouly not imagine not having pizza before. That is so weird. And we're going to have to go to Disneyland sometime. That is like a crime not ever going to an amusement park before.

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Missing Piece [03 Jun 2003|01:38pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

B’s all smiles seems Pikey boy is keeping her with the happy. A happy slayer is a better slayer right? Kinda cool though sometimes we need to get away it’s just me and B going around patrolling. Makes me think how things coulda been then ya know? But I’m all five by five.

Went by the offices to check out Pike’s new dig stuffy even for the G-man. Gave him the lunch he’d left behind. Inside was a note from B. Had to get out of there before he read it. Hell, I hear them enough at night.

I was makin’ my way out tryin’ to avoid everyone when I ran into this new watcher. Damn he was the shit. Man on man. And I’d gotten Princess Margaret Wes. I’m like what? These slayers had it a lot better than we did.

Still feelin’ on the outside. B and Dawn do their best. Think B feels some of it too. It’s like waiting for Christmas and then it comes and you’re disappointed. Fuck all my Christmases were like that.

So I’m goin’ out patrolling tonight give me a chance to think figure out some things. Maybe get all five by five. Hell I need to find the fun!

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